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A bed com­ple­tely made of Dupont® Corian. This design mate­rial of the future has a mat sur­face, has sharp edges and can be pro­ces­sed consistently. The bed is located in the center of the room, provides more secureness than some other bed ever. A LED-light keeps running from the foot to the pinnacle of the mountain. Alongside its design the ICE BED provides apart of external and internal storage. The back of the bed is chiseled through the entire back wall which separates this component into two zones, the presentation region, and the capacity zone. By the cushion are all the important switches.


The choice of a bed will be intensely affected by accessible space – while vast houses will oblige a wide range of informal lodging, flats are frequently intended to augment living space and leave space for very little in excess of a sleeping pad and little household item in the room. In reduced spaces, a crease out bed could be the best choice, just taking up floor space when you're sleeping!


With innovative styles and an everlasting color palette, Corian® can build all of your style aspirations come back true. win your dreams whereas still choosing a top quality product might} get up to no matter your life may throw at it. you'll rest simple knowing you’ve picked a surface to last a lifetime!


The new bedrooms in fact, are equipped with a bed back board made in Corian®, which frames twin beds that seem suspended. They have been installed with a sliding mechanism so that beds can be joined in case of double room or remain separate in case of twin beds room. The beds base, also in Corian®, is joined seamlessly at the desk beside the bed. For this purpose, the architects designed rooms where the purity of Corian® and its feeling of warmth are the common thread between the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room furniture.





                                                     CB-1                                                                                                         CB-2


                           CB-3                                                                                                          CB-4


                          CB-5                                                                                                           CB-6