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Dupont™Corian®Charging Surface


Wireless power exchanges vitality from a transmitter underneath the charging spots to a getting gadget or recipient appended to a gadget. Attractive enlistment securely and successfully exchanges control from the charger to a keen smart gadget. The power exchange advantageously happens without utilizing conductors (i.e."no wires"). Besides, the surface is keen - charging stops when your gadget has achieved most extreme battery limit. It's the ideal solution for kitchens, hospitality areas - anywhere!


Make Your Space with Smart Charging Surface: The one of a kind Corian® Wireless Charging Surface replaces messy cables and unattractive power points to make easy to use work and living regions. A down to earth and easy to introduce innovation solution for anyplace a brilliant gadget might need to be energized wirelessly, this surface is appropriate for one or numerous areas all through a home including the kitchen, washroom, bedroom, home office and living space. Consider messy cables and having to seek for your charger to be a thing ultra-modern the past!  With the brand new generation cutting-edge smartphones, combined with a Corian® wireless Charging surface it could be.  sure, you could absolutely place your new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy 8 onto a Corian® wireless Charging surface and attain the wireless charging benefits which can be cleverly concealed under the benchtop surface. Enabled by a state-of-the-art unit harnessing induction technology, the Corian® wireless Charging surface has a transmitter discreetly hidden under the surface, delivering the price without delay through the Corian®.  This avoids the want to make penetrations into the surface and maintains the seamless and unique end for which Corian® surfaces are renowned. Plus, the surface is sensible – charging stops while your device has reached most battery potential.

The Corian® Wireless Charging Surface is additionally perfect for business and commercial applications, such as environments – wherever durability meets design.


Conference and Meeting Rooms | Communal Office Areas | Commercial Space | Home & Office | Kitchen | Retail | Hospitality | Bathroom | Bedroom| Living Space.

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Residential Corian Charging Surface

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Commercial Corian Charging Surface


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