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  1. Color: Lily Pond
  2. Color: Sapphire Blue
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  1. Arctic White
  2. Arno
  3. Assorted Pudding
  4. Berry Dust
  5. Black Shell
  6. Café Lotte
  7. Creamy Mousse
  8. Foggy Iceland
  9. Folk Stone
  10. Frosty Petal
  11. Glacier
  12. Glacier White
  13. Glitering Black
  14. Greenery
  15. Harvest Wheat
  16. Lagoon
  17. Lily Pond
  18. Litchi Sorbet
  19. Lotus
  20. Luster
  21. Monte Bianco
  22. Monte Rosa
  23. Mood Daisy
  24. Morning Café
  25. Moss
  26. Nut
  27. Pamesan Cheese
  28. Sapphire Blue
  29. Sea Glass
  30. Silvery Sand
  31. Snail
  32. Stromboli
  33. Tevere
  34. Twinkling White
  35. White
  36. White Chocolate
  37. Winter Iceland
  38. Winter Sky
  1. DuPont™ Montelli®
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DuPont™ Montelli ® Solid Surfaces

DuPont Montelli Solid Surface Sheet

DuPont Montelli is the original solid surface. It can be used to create countertops, wall cladding, furniture, lighting, Kitchen, Hospitality, Bathroom, Catering, Hotel & Bars and many other applications. DuPont Montelli is a maverick, hygiene, durable, seamless material that cans Thermoforming to any space through unlimited possibility. DuPont Montelli has a 3D formability that has been liberating innovative and creative minds of designers. DuPont Montelli is especially striking in the lighter colors as well as with thinner sheets. Many designers are now using the material to create lamps or lightening effects in various applications. It can be worked like hardwood and using similar tools.